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ANSMANN Quick Charger Comfort Plus + 4 rechargeable batteries AA 2100mAh Číslo výrobku: 1001-0094-01
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ANSMANN Quick Charger Comfort Plus + 4 rechargeable batteries AA 2100mAh

For 1-4 NiMH batteries of the sizes Micro AAA / Mignon AA or 1-2 AAA/AA and one 9V E-Block.

Perfect charging is so easy - "PERFECT 7" charging technology

Thanks to the intelligent "PERFECT 7" charging technology, the Comfort Plus ensures full batteries precisely and quickly. The fully automatic 7-stage charging significantly maximizes the life and performance of your batteries. 

PERFECT 7 CHARGING - The next level NiMH charging technology

1. rapid capacity test

After insertion, the capacity test determines the remaining charge of your battery and displays it for 5 seconds. 

2. gentle pre-charge

A weak or deeply discharged battery will be precharged with lower current if necessary.

3. battery analysis

The battery behavior of the cell is analyzed and evaluated to determine if it is still usable or defective.

4. fast charge mode

The new Comfort Plus from ANSMANN charges your compatible NiMH batteries with up to 650 mA quickly and at the same time in a controlled manner. 

5. IQ shutdown

Protective mechanisms keep the inserted batteries from overheating and overcharging. 

6. top-off charging

This stage ensures that the battery is 100% fully charged.

7. trickle charge

The battery is kept in a fully charged state by means of charging pulses


∙ Power supply 100-240V AC


∙ Charging compartments 4x round cells, 1x 9V E-block.


∙ Charging current AA: 650mA / AAA: 350mA / 9V E-block: 15mA


∙ Trickle charge current AA: 10mA / AAA: 5mA / 9V E-block: 1.3mA

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